Trauma is often understood as an emotional and psychological response to an extremely negative event. In the last decade research and clinical studies have shown that trauma also has to do with the physiological response to the fear related stressors that impact the nervous system. Trauma holds the body, mind and brain hostage. Trauma robs ones ability to fully live ones life with vitality in the present. Instead, those who suffer from trauma are often reliving the trauma on a daily basis. Strong survival energy of ‘fight, flight’ and freeze’ are literally stuck in the body and need to be gradually released to assist in effectively resolving trauma symptoms.


If you believe you are suffering from traumatic related stress it is important to seek professional help to renegotiate the trauma. You do not have to relive trauma to recover. Seek out therapists who have specific training in working with trauma. Ask the therapist to tell you about their trauma training and how they believe it may be helpful to your recovery. There are numerous forms of trauma training. My trauma specialization is founded in body-oriented psychotherapy, specifically as a Designated Somatic Experiencing Therapist. I also integrate when appropriate trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy. I am interested in supporting trauma recovery that allows for a renewed sense of aliveness and joy.

From the beginning to the very end, pointing to our own hearts to discover what is true isn’t just a matter of honesty but also compassion and respect for what we see.”
-Pema Chodron-

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